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  Security and Accessibility


  ftwilliam.com offers a completely integrated, web-based solution offering the following packages for the ERISA professional:

Retirement Plan Document Generation Package
Welfare Plan Document Generation Package
Non Qualified Plan Document Generation Package
IRS Forms Package
5500/PBGC Forms Package
1099 Forms Package

  All documents are generated on our web server and are delivered instantly to your PC in MS Word rich text format (rtf).

  All government forms (5500, PBGC, 1099 and IRS) are delivered instantly in PDF format. Electronic filing is available for the PBGC Form 1 series.

  Our state-of-the-art web server technology allows us to offer the highest-quality documents at unbeatable prices.

  Prices include access for unlimited concurrent users.

  All you need is an internet connection and the appropriate software that can read rich text format files and Adobe Acrobat pdf files - absolutely no other software must be purchased or downloaded.

  Since all documents are provided in electronic format, they may be saved on your computer system and/or delivered to your client electronically.


  No headaches. The web site is constantly updated and improved. But because all of our software is offered on our state-of-the-art web servers, there is no software to download or install. This relieves you of the hassle of troubleshooting network problems, software updates and the other daily headaches of software ownership. This gives you the time to do what you do best - acquire new clients and give your current clients the service they expect.

  Intuitive design. Even though web site navigation, checklist completion and form completion was designed to be completely intuitive, we provide complete on-line documentation. Many users have told us that they have successfully used the system without consulting any documentation.

  Work anywhere. You may use/generate all products offered on this site from any PC with internet access via a browser.

  Software manuals. All documentation is kept on-line in the form of context-sensitive help. This relieves you of the burden of filing/updating software documentation manuals.

  Branding. All of the documents, software, processes, etc. are protected by copyright law. However, you may label the documents with your firm name. If you choose this option, you only need to set-up your company name in your user profile and your name will automatically appear in the appropriate places on each applicable document.*

  Privacy. Review our Privacy Statement.

  Unequalled customer support. Our market leading support is available via phone and email Monday through Friday 8:00 to 5:00 pm CT.

  Custom services available. Feel free to contact us about any custom services that may be useful to you.

  Data conversion. Contact us for information regarding converting data from your current recordkeeping/document generation system.

  Export Plan Specs for Specific Plans. With this unique, powerful feature customers are given the ability to download all of their plan specifications with the click of a button in Excel-compatible format. Manage your practice even more efficiently by using the spreadsheet in a mail merge for mailings, using it in your recordkeeping system or even use it to keep track of amended plans and updates. Need a list of all your plans that have a specific checklist response such as loans? This export feature can do it. Any updates to your checklist responses are instantly available the next time you export.

* The IRS opinion letters will reflect CCH INCORPORATED DBA FTWILLIAM.COM as the sponsor of the prototype/volume submitter plans and the IRS-required language preceding the signature line on the prototype documents will also contain our name and address. In addition, a representative from CCH INCORPORATED DBA FTWILLIAM.COM will also appear on the form 2848 (power of attorney) for each volume submitter document that is submitted for favorable letter.

Accessibility and Security

  The ftwilliam.com servers are hosted in a secure facility which provides redundant and fault tolerant power, cooling, and Internet services.

  Five nine (99.999%) availability is the goal of ftwilliam.com. The high availability of the ftwilliam.com servers is maintained through redundancy, server pools, and active monitoring.

  All customer information is protected using RAID technology, which simultaneously writes all data to multiple harddrives.

  All information is transmitted to the ftwilliam.com servers using SSL technology. This is the same technology used by banks and on-line merchants to protect sensitive on-line transactions. ftwilliam.com utilizes SSL certificates which have been verified by Network Solutions, a leader in Internet commerce.

  All customer data is backed up twice daily to an offsite location. These backups are also complemented by an third offsite daily backup, and a weekly backup which is stored at a second offsite location. All offsite backups are protected using the AES encryption standard.

  The ftwilliam.com technical staff actively monitors all of it's servers, and is notified by both pager and email of any condition which may affect the availability or performance of the servers.

  Security Whitepaper


The administrative user (the person who completes the sign-up form and is e-mailed the initial password) may allow up to four additional users to access the web site. Each additional user may be assigned one of three access levels.

  Full access allows access to all materials on the site except the ability to change billing information and to assign or change passwords.

  Edit-only access allows users to modify checklist answers, form entries and print any document offered on the site.

  View-only access does not allow the user to modify any data but does permit the user to view and print all items except plan documents/adoption agreements.

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