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Products - 5500/PBGC Forms
  EFAST 2 Web-Portal for E-filing
  Additional Features Available with EFAST 2
  Schedules Provided

*Prepare Form 5558 (Form 5500 extension) at no cost when you sign up for our Demo.

EFAST 2 Web-Portal for E-filing

Web Portal for EFAST 2 e-filing. Our innovative web portal allows your clients to sign 5500 Forms for EFAST 2 with the click of a button. You may also brand the portal with your company logo so it appears as though your clients are at your website or have your clients access the portal via your website if you choose. Our web portal is provided to our customers free of charge regardless of the number of filings they prepare.

Additional Features Available with EFAST 2

  Batch Setup. Send a batch email to your clients prior to January 1, 2010 informing them of the new EFAST 2 registration requirement with detailed instructions.

  Quality Control. Lock plans to prevent changes being made after signatures are requested.

  Work Flow Management. Work flow management helps you supervise all your 5500 filings at a glance. Assign plans to administrators, keep track of which plans have been e-signed, whether forms have been submitted for filing, whether plans have been accepted by the DOL, etc.

  Automate Client Communications. Send automated invitations, updates and reminders to 5500 signers via a desktop email program or your company's mail server.

  Complete Integration. No need to import or export 5500 information to or from the web portal into the 5500 software. All Form 5500 modifications made by your client via our web-portal are automatically updated in your account.

  Branding. Web portal may be branded with your logo and colors via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

  Data Entry/Help. Allow your clients to complete selected questions on the 5500 filing and upload attachments. Context sensitive links to the 5500 from instructions are available at no extra charge.

  Single Sign-on. Our web portal integrates seamlessly with your web site so that our web portal may be accessed directly from your web site.

  Easy to manage. Form 5500 filings are automatically filed with the DOL as soon as the signer e-signs the form. Batch work flow will reflect any signatures and submissions made by your client.

  Download Signer Names From Prior Year 5500 Filings. The download will include a list of plan name, sponsor name and address, EIN and plan number; as well as signer name and signer type (sponsor and/or administrator). This download can be used to help identify who will likely need to register with DOL for signing credentials and can assist you in contacting these individuals with instructions.

  Upload Signer/Portal User Information. You may batch upload signer information for the signers/portal users (name, user ID and portal permissions). We provide a sample upload file. Once your file is ready, click to browse for your file and upload.

Other Form 5500 Software Highlights

  55AutoFill Technology. 55AutoFill Technology. With 55AutoFill, completion of Form 5500 schedules is made easy by automatically downloading all of the available information from the most recently completed 5500 forms. All you need to do is enter the plan sponsor's taxpayer identification number and all of the 5500s and plan information for that plan sponsor are automatically imported for your use - even if you did not use our software in any previous year. (Patent pending). Sign up for our demo to see for yourself what 55AutoFill can do for you.

  Batch 55AutoFill. Provide us a list of EIN numbers and we can batch download the prior year 5500 filings to our 5500 software. No additional charge.

  Streamlined data import and export. The exclusive ftwLink feature provides an XML based interface for interfacing with your 5500 forms and schedules. Using ftwLink you can add and edit 5500 forms and schedules, extract 5500 data, and generate final 5500 schedules and forms using a single, easy to use XML interface. ftwLink allows you to seamlessly integrate your Admin system and ftwilliam.com.

  Integrated. All features were designed from the ground up to work in an integrated fashion using a consistent user interface. Data from the previous year's forms are automatically transferred to the current year.

  Batch Summary Annual Report and Annual Funding Notice. Our Form 5500 Software allows you to batch print all of your Annual Funding Notices or Summary Annual Reports at once, including cover letters.

  Batch Form 5558. Our Form 5500 Software allows you to batch print all of your Form 5558s at once.

  Printing/Saving. Forms 5500, 5500EZ, 5500SF and all schedules are delivered instantly to your desktop in PDF format for saving and emailing to your clients.

  Upload data. Upload Schedules A, D and SSA from an Excel spreadsheet. In addition, you may upload Form 5500 and related schedule information directly from other third party software.

  Help. Each line item on each government form with official instructions provides instant context-sensitive help. If you are still not comfortable with completing a line item, you may e-mail one of our experts and receive an answer either by phone or e-mail.

  Extensive on-line error correction. Our on-line error correction will identify all required responses and will highlight most inconsistent responses.


CCH ftwilliam.com and CCH/Aspen Publishers have teamed-up to provide you a unique way to get answers to your Form 5500 questions - InfoLink.

InfoLink allows users to link directly to the on-line version of the Aspen Publishers 5500 Preparer's Manual from the ftwilliam.com data entry screens without having to log on to the CCH website or retrieve the book and look for the answer. By clicking on special icons in our Form 5500 software, the appropriate content from the 5500 Preparer's Manual will automatically appear in your browser.

In addition, once you have opened a link to the 5500 Preparer's Manual you may follow other links on the CCH web site to any original IRS and DOL source materials.

Written by Janice M. Wegesin, a well-known expert on Form 5500 preparation, the 5500 Preparer's Manual is the definitive single-volume reference that helps you handle the required annual Form 5500 filings for both pension benefits and welfare benefit plans. 5500 Preparer's Manual is a great resource for preparing your 5500 filing confidently and correctly.

Click here to learn more.

Schedules Provided

  • 5500 Sample
  • 5500-EZ
  • 5500-SF
  • Schedule A
  • Schedule MB
  • Schedule SB
  • Schedule C
  • Schedule D
  • Schedule E
  • Schedule G
  • Schedule H
  • Schedule I
  • Schedule R
  • 5558
  • Summary Annual Report
  • Annual Funding Notice for Multiemployer Plans
  • Client transmittal letter
  • Attachments to 5500 Schedules

  • Other Forms
  • 8955-SSA
  • 5330
  • 2848
  • 8821
  • 56
  • 8868
  • 990
  • 990T
  • 990 Schedule O
  • PBGC Forms
  • Form 1 ES
  • Comprehensive Filing
  • Form 10
  • Form 10 A
  • Form 200

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