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  High quality documents. View sample language from our plan documents and checklists by clicking on the appropriate link below. Please note that these samples are in PDF format. An actual document generated on our servers would be delivered in rtf format and would be opened immediately in Microsoft Word. The checklists for the adoption agreements are blank checklists. In actual practice, the checklists would be completed on-line in your web browser. Each online checklist looks virtually identical to the sample printed checklists listed below.

  Integrated. All features were designed from the ground up to work in an integrated fashion using a consistent user interface. Our checklists are numbered in the same manner as our adoption agreements which eliminates any confusion as to how a checklist answer will be reflected in the adoption agreement.

  Easy to use forms and amendments. Most of the forms and amendments can easily be generated using either the Batch Print or Group Print features. The Batch Print feature permits you to print amendments for all of your clients in a few easy steps. If you like, you may even have us e-mail the amendments directly to your clients. Group Print allows you to print all of the required forms for a plan in a single step. Batch and Group amendments and forms are instantly delivered to you as a Microsoft Word document.

  Streamlined data import and export. The exclusive ftwLink feature provides an XML based interface for interfacing with your plan information. Using ftwLink you can add and edit plan information, extract checklist answers, and generate plan documents using a single, easy to use XML interface. ftwLink allows you to seamlessly integrate your Admin system and ftwilliam.com.

  Free updates. All document updates and amendments are provided at no extra cost.

  Help. Nearly every checklist question provides instant context-sensitive help. This help feature provides instant access to relevant language in the adoption agreement and basic plan document. If you are still not comfortable with completing a checklist item, you may e-mail one of our experts and receive an answer either by phone, or where appropriate, via e-mail.

  Extensive on-line error correction. While we cannot guarantee that each combination of checklist responses will result in the plan that meets the qualification requirements of the Internal Revenue Code, our on-line error correction will identify all required responses and will highlight most conflicting responses.

  Streamlined data entry. When entering data, items for which no entry is required will appear shaded and will not allow data entry. For example, if a Rabbi trust will not be set up all checklist questions related to a Rabbi trust will be shaded. The information for a shaded item will be maintained on the system but not used to generate a checklist or document.

  Custom Language. Since the documents are delivered in rtf format, you may perform extensive customization of each document. Each checklist allows you to enter and retain on-line all custom language.

  Unlimited checklist templates. Using the "Clone Me" feature you may establish an unlimited number of custom default checklists. This feature copies all checklist answers from a default checklist to a new plan. There is no limit to the number of default checklists you may set up. For example, you could establish a default checklist for a 457(b) Plan for one market segment and a different checklist for a 457(b) Plan for another market segment.

  Export Plan Specs for Specific Plans. With this unique, powerful feature customers are given the ability to download all of their plan specifications with the click of a button in Excel-compatible format. Manage your practice even more efficiently by using the spreadsheet in a mail merge for mailings, using it in your recordkeeping system or even use it to keep track of amended plans and updates. Need a list of all your plans that have a specific checklist response such as loans? This export feature can do it. Any updates to your checklist responses are instantly available the next time you export.

Supporting Documents

1. Plan Description

2. Other Documents/Forms (All Custom Generated based on Checklist Answers)

DOL Top Hat Filing
Wage Deferral Agreement
Special Deferral Agreement
Beneficiary Designation
Rollover Contribution
Special Tax Notice
Distribution Election Form
Inservice Distribution Form
Loan Procedures
Loan Application
Promissory Note
QDRO Procedures

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